Trying This Again.

If you know me (hi mom) you may remember that I tried to keep a travel blog when we lived in Europe. It was boring and it became more of a mommy blah-g and it was all over the place. This one probably will be too. Only this time, I’m ok with that. I’ll probably use this space to document some upcoming travels but I’ve decided that this isn’t an essay, I’m not in high school, and I am under no obligation to stick to the chosen topic. I’ve also come to terms with the fact that I’m a terrible photographer and I don’t know the first thing about making a website look appealing (but if we’re lucky, I can con my brother into helping me out with that at some point.) Now that I’ve accepted these things I can move on. Look at me go. Self development.

Anyway. First things first. The other thing that was holding me back from blogging was being paralyzed by my inability to choose a blog name. I put out a feeler on social media and had some great and HILARIOUS suggestions but the one that jumped out to me the most was this one, Darts on a Map, suggested by my friend Mandi who blogs beautifully and deliciously over at I Speak Food.
We aren’t exactly throwing darts at a map to choose our travel destinations. That would be weird and reckless. Some rando at the Army is throwing the darts.
I have some loose plans for the summer, but while my Type A husband is abroad, the kids and I just might throw some darts on our map and see what happens. So join me if you’d like to cringe at my overly optimistic, wide-eyed, romantic ideas about taking small kids on a long road trip. It might be entertaining, or it might be exactly as boring as my last blog. You’ll just have to see. I’m mysterious like that.

Oh, and if you don’t know me. Hey there. Welcome. I’m Heather. Catholic, Army wife, homeschool mom of four, just like every other mom blogger. I shop at Costco, drive a b*tchin’ mini van, and wear Birkenstocks. Just like every other mom blogger.
Sometimes I tell stories on my Facebook page and my mom’s very charitable friends will say things like, “you should write a blog!” So, you know. Here we are. Even though I already used all my material on my Facebook. Don’t be shy, say hello.

9 thoughts on “Trying This Again.

  1. Hi, Heather! You don’t know me, but I know who you are and love to read your post on facebook. Not boring at all. I shall enjoy your blog, laugh at your adorable girls, and keep up with your travels. Thanks for taking time to attempt this!!


  2. I love this. I had a big once, ended up naming it Holly’s first blog, the one with the boring title….. Names are hard 🙂 you may inspire me to actually tell people about the new blog I’ve been working on by keeping a secret 😉 Can’t wait to hear more of your adventures, Heather!

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    1. Maybe I don’t blog more because I can’t spell check my own typing accurately….. Sigh…. I had a *blog* and I’ve been working on a new one *but* keeping it a secret…..


  3. You are such a fantastic writer and now we know why. We live our lives vicariously through your family, you allow us to get to know you and see what life is like from your perspective. And for that we ALL love you!


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